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Last week, we celebrated Diwali, the festival of lights. But, even with the excitement and festivities, I could not forget Mother Nature, what it gives us and how we must give back to it.

We have so many CDs at home, which cannot be reused and their content is unnecessary. So we usually end up throwing them. This time, I decided to recycle them to make candle holders for Diwali and decorate them in the best way I could.

I used old CDs and leftover cardboard rolls, which I wrapped with aluminium foil. I also used cake bases. With a splash of acrylic paint, a few decorative items and lots of creativity, I was able to make the best use of these unused items for the festive occasion.

I decorated the foil and attached the roll on top of the cake base. I then attached the beautifully decorated CDs to the roll and placed the candles on them. I made four of these candle holders for this year’s Diwali, but these can be reused, too.

Items that we consider as waste have the potential for so many different uses. I encourage everyone to have a creative approach towards to electronic waste and recycle for the sake of the environment.

The reader is a pupil based in Sharjah.





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