Drones to monitor Abu Dhabi in full HD video






The remote-controlled drones of the Ministry of Interior have been upgraded to capture full HD footage.

The drones were launched in 2010 to help develop policing systems; methods for handling emergencies; to promote security and safety using modern and innovative methods; and to elevate the police work system and its new concepts.

Major Jamal Al Hosani, chief of technical affairs at the security media department of the General Secretariat of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, said: “The technical affairs department has introduced new technical specifications for its fleet of seven unmanned drones to include capturing footage of hard-to-reach areas such as traffic accidents, fires and major events using full HD video technology which provides a resolution that is substantially higher than that of the previously used standard definition (SD).

The drones are equipped with dual day/night cameras to capture the most accurate details, as well as a zooming feature for filming footage from afar.”

He also noted that the newly updated drones provide leaders with a unique airborne perspective of the incident via live streaming. Through special applications available for the Security Media field patrols, the drones transmit the captured footage directly to the Central Operations Room.

The drones provide media support for the Security Media field patrols, which were recently launched to cover the events that take place on the roads of Abu Dhabi round the clock.

“The crew that operates the drone is made up of qualified national cadres (an operator and a controller per drone) to handle accidents at sites that may pose a risk to civilians, making it possible











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